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 Did You Know?

John has a son who is also a mathematician and suffers from schizophrenia.PBS has produced a TV film based on his life, called A Brillant Madness. Ron Howard's film A Beautiful Mind too is loosely based on John Nash's biography. 

Noble Prize winner Princeton Mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr. was in Mumbai, India recently to attend the first ever conference on game theory... more


People with mental illness enrich our lives ......


Do you need help with any of the following :

  Marriage, Family and Relationship
 Personality Disorder
  Eating Disorder
  Anxiety Disorder
  Attention Deficit Disorder
  Behavior Disorder
  Alcoholism or Drug Addiction
  Alzheimer's Disorder
  Death and Grief
  Personality Disorder

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You are not alone..... Some famous personalities suffered from depression : * Abraham Lincoln. * Beethovan. * Teddy Roosevelt. * Queen Elizabeth. * Harrison Ford, actor. * Elton John, musician, composer. * Monica Seles, sportsperson. * Borris Yeltsin, former President, Russia. * Samuel Becket, writer. * Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister, UK. * John Denver, musician, composer, writer. * John Lennon, musician, artist. * George S. Patton, General, USA. Find help here..... 

At hotlinecounseling we will help you survive any of the these crises and solve immediate other problems so that you can restore functionality and become independent .The experienced team will help you understand the problem, treat the problem and empower you to resolve those with effective treatment techniques so that you feel free like a bird, from all your worries and problems., a team of highly competent  professional mental health service providers (therapist, counselor and social worker), when appropriate will involve significant others like a family member,spouse or employer to achieve reliable, durable and meaningful results.

Would you hesitate to visit the doctor if you were suffering from any physical ailment? Similarly, if any of your emotional problems is persisting for long and you are unable to handle it alone, why not call the professional counselor, therapist to help you to overcome your emotional problem.

At Hotlinecounseling the help is immediate, anonymous and just a click away!  Click on choice of your help from email, telephone counseling, video conferencing, talk to therapist online or chat.

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